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Can Sunscreen Spray be Taken on a Plane?

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Can Sunscreen Spray be Taken on a Plane

1. Sunscreen liquids belong to the category of cosmetics, and are limited to one piece, which cannot exceed 100 ml, and should be placed in a separate packaging bag for open bottle inspection. But you have a 150ml bottle of sunscreen spray and a 40ml bottle of sunscreen lotion, and you can only bring sunscreen lotion.


2. In fact, the key is to see whether the sunscreen spray bottle has flammable and explosive signs! Naris sunscreen spray, with a high temperature sign, cannot be carried! JM sunscreen spray, with a flammable sign, cannot be carried! Yuezhi Mi Crystal Sunscreen Spray has a flammable sign and cannot be carried! An fast sunscreen spray, with flammable signs, can not be carried!


3. The types of sunscreen sprays are very diverse. Remember to pay attention to sunscreen sprays before you travel. Be sure to bring sunscreen sprays that meet the regulations or purchase them directly in the landing city. The temperature continues to heat up all over the country. Travelers remember to take sunscreen measures to avoid sunburn.

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