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How Do Hair Masks Work?

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How to use the hair mask

1: Wash your hair

The first step of using a hair mask is to thoroughly wash your head with shampoo to keep your hair fresh and clean. After washing your hair, do not use conditioner or blow-dry your hair, but use a towel to gently absorb the moisture on your hair to keep your hair in a somewhat moist state, because too much moisture is not conducive to the reconciliation of hair care products. .


2: Apply the hair mask

Once your hair is semi-moistened, you can apply a hair mask to your hair. First take an appropriate amount of hair mask into the palm of your hand, spread it with both hands and apply it evenly on the head. When applying, you can use the partition method, and divide the hair into four areas: left front, left back, right front, and right back. Users can add partitions appropriately. After adding a rough section with a small hair clip, apply the hair mask from the tip to the root to ensure that the hair mask is evenly spread on one area, you can roll the hair upward from the tip, and then roll the hair to the root. The curls are secured with small clips. After applying the four-area hair mask and making the curls, it's time to cover the hair with plastic wrap.


3: Massage Your Hair

After applying the hair model, gently massage the hair to allow the hair to absorb better. You can also comb it with a comb. Make sure that every hair can absorb the hair mask.


4: Heat the Hair Mask

If you want the hair mask to achieve better results, it needs to be heated during the use of the hair mask, and the heated hair mask will make the hair better absorb. The heater can be bought by yourself in the supermarket, or you can replace the heater with an electric heater, but when heating, all parts of the head must be equally and properly heated. The heating time of the hair mask depends on the hair mask, generally 15 to 20 minutes. After the heating process is complete, you can remove the shower cap or plastic wrap for cleaning.


5: Wash the Hair Mask

After removing the heated hair mask, wash your hair to keep it dry so that chemicals don't stay on your head and damage your scalp.


6: Apply Conditioner

Treating your hair is not just as simple as making a hair mask, conditioner is also essential. Considering that the use of hair masks is mainly aimed at delivering nutrients deep into the hair, the use of conditioners is mainly to close the hair cuticles, thereby making the hair soft and shiny. Applying conditioner after the hair mask can effectively lock the nutrients delivered by the hair mask into the hair, making the use of the hair mask more scientific.


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