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How Often Should You Use Hair Masks?

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How often to do the hair mask


A hair mask is, as the name suggests, a mask for the hair. In fact, the role of the hair mask is really equivalent to making a mask for the hair, which can deeply nourish your hair and make your hair moist and smooth. So how often is it better to do a hair mask? What problems should be paid attention to in the classification and purchase of hair masks? If you have some doubts about using a hair mask, it is best to read this article.

1. How often to do the hair mask

The hair mask is deeply nourishing and moisturizing for the hair. It does not need to be used frequently. It is enough to use it 4-5 times a month. The hair mask deeply nourishes the hair, its nutrients penetrate the hair core, making the hair strong and smooth. It is because of the strong nourishing power of the hair mask that it does not need to be used every day. If the hair is seriously damaged, it can also be adjusted according to the condition of the hair. Use it 6 to 7 times a month.

Second, the classification of hair mask

Ice Crystal Hair Mask

Ice Crystal Hair Mask is a hair mask suitable for hot weather. It means ice crystal revitalization, inspired by the popular modern ice compress concept, using the principle of "both internal and external, balance and nourishing", cool and comfortable head skin, perfect oil control, deep nourishment, and enhance hair flexibility. The high-grade packaging gives the hair moisture and new vitality, the ice crystal skin feels, mild and clear, allowing users to completely indulge in a wonderful and fresh feeling.

Thermal Hair Mask

Thermal Hair Mask is a hair mask for cold weather. It means thermal energy relaxation. It is inspired by the concept of hot steam that has been passed down for thousands of years. By warming up the skin of the head, let the pores do a soothing SPA, easily reduce the burden, relax the body and mind, gently introduce pure nutritional essence, deeply nourish and repair. Damaged hair, rejuvenated with new vitality. When using it, you will feel that the cerebral cortex is slowly relaxing and completely relaxed.

(The above two hair masks can also be used alternately between hot and cold. This is the traditional Chinese medicine concept of cold and hot compresses that has been passed down for thousands of years, which can enhance the effect of nursing.)

Ice Sea Mud Hair Mask

Binghai Mud Hair Mask is the earliest product launched by Dicai. Its function of repairing damage meets the needs of consumers and is the favorite product of thousands of women. Can be used in all seasons.

3. How to choose a hair mask

There are basically two types of hair masks on the market today: hot-evaporated hair masks and non-evaporative hair masks. When choosing the right hair mask for your hair, you should not only consider your own hair quality, but also pay attention to what problems your hair needs to solve at the moment.

1. If you want to achieve the conditioning effect of hot steam, you must buy a hair mask product marked with "hot steam type" or "for hair salons", and use it with a hot steam device.

2. If you buy a steam-free hair mask, it is safer to buy a familiar professional brand. Since the effect of the steam-free hair mask is not very strong, and it takes a period of time to see the effect, so long as you don't misuse inferior products and damage your hair.

3. If you feel that the names of the ointment and hair mask are a bit confusing, it is better to look at the ingredients of the product. After delineating professional brands, you can decide to buy according to the types of nutrients you need. Professional brand product comparison can ensure that the declared ingredients are consistent with the actual.

4. If you have thick hair, the thick hair has been damaged after repeated dyeing and perming, and the color is dry and yellow, and the hair is dry and thick like straw. You should choose the hair mask marked with the words "moisturizing" or "deep". The product.

5. If you have finer hair, the fine hair itself has the problem of being easily flattened. You should choose a product with the words "restore elasticity" on the hair mask. If the fine hair is damaged by repeated dyeing and perming, it will become fragile and easily broken. You should choose products with the words "repair breakage" or "strengthening" on the hair mask.

Fourth, the common questions when using hair mask

1. How to prevent the hair mask from sticking to the scalp

After applying the hair mask, wrapping the whole hair with a towel is the easiest way to stick to the scalp, causing the scalp to be overburdened. It is recommended to tie the hair bag under the back of the head after applying the hair mask, and then wrap it with a hot towel to fix it.

2. To what extent should the hair mask be rinsed the best?

It's important to rinse your scalp so it doesn't clog pores or cause oil to come out. After rinsing the scalp, just rinse the hair until no bubbles are visible and it feels a little slippery.

3. Can it be heated when using a thermal evaporation hair mask ?

Heat-evaporated hair mask can only work better by heating. If it is not heated, the nutrients in the hair mask will not be absorbed by the hair. If you really can't heat it, wrap your hair in a hot towel.

This article details those things about hair masks. If your hair is frizzy and dry, if your hair is prone to breakage, then you'd better use a hair mask, which can make your hair smooth and elegant, and make your hair stronger and less prone to breakage. If you don't know much about hair masks, this article will popularize the knowledge of hair masks for you.

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