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How to Get Sunscreen Out of Eyes?

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How to Get Sunscreen Out of Eyes?

Some people use sunscreen very carefully, and even apply sunscreen carefully around the eyes, which is actually quite easy to get into the eyes. The following introduces the treatment method of sunscreen entering the eyes.
1. Rinse with clean water
If you accidentally get sunscreen into your eyes during the process of applying sunscreen, you should immediately rinse your eyes with plenty of water to dilute the sunscreen that gets into your eyes and flow out with the water.
2. Eye drops
After rinsing the eyes with water, the eyes will be dry or uncomfortable. At this time, you can put anti-inflammatory eye drops on the eyes for anti-inflammatory treatment to avoid the discomfort caused by the residual sunscreen to the eyes.
3. Hospital visits
After taking the above measures, if the discomfort symptoms of the eyes are still not relieved for a long time, and there is still discomfort such as redness and swelling, you should go to the hospital immediately to avoid delaying the disease and affecting the optic nerve.

Sunscreen usage matters

1. Application area
When applying sunscreen, don't ignore the neck, chin, ears, etc., to avoid uneven skin tone.
2. Cleaning the product
Be sure to thoroughly remove sunscreen products every night, so don't rest and sleep with sunscreen on.
3. Use enough
Sunscreen is not effective when applied, but only when it reaches a certain amount. Usually, when the amount of sunscreen applied on the skin is 2 mg per square centimeter, the proper sunscreen effect can be achieved. It should be noted that the SPF value cannot be accumulated. Applying two layers of SPF10 sunscreen will only have the protective effect of one layer of SPF10.
4. Don’t mix sunscreens from different brands
Combining them can increase the likelihood of skin irritation. The ingredients of various brands of sunscreens are inconsistent. If they are mixed and overlapped on the skin, it may cause the ingredients to interfere with or repel each other, reduce the sunscreen efficacy, and even cause skin allergies.
5. Pay attention to saving
Sunscreens may be less effective if exposed to prolonged heat or direct sunlight. Do not use spoiled sunscreen cosmetics, as it not only reduces sun protection, but is more likely to irritate the skin.
6. Pay attention to the dead corners of sunscreen
When applying ordinary sunscreen, the skin of the eyes and lips also needs to be careful. But if there is no instructions, or use sunscreen products for the eyes, do not use it on the skin around the eyes.

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