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How to Get Sunscreen Out of Fabric?

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How to Get Sunscreen Out of Fabric?

Recently, many friends have inquired about how to wash off the sunscreen on clothes. Today's experience will talk about this topic, hoping to help friends in need.


1. First of all, if the sunscreen you just touched is not dry, you can wipe off part of it with a paper towel.


2. In this way, it is easier to wash later. If the paper towel cannot be wiped off, it means that the sunscreen is dry.


3. If the sunscreen is dry, you can soak it in water to wet the clothes with sunscreen.


4. Then apply laundry detergent and soak it with laundry detergent.


5. After soaking in the laundry detergent for 5 minutes, you can start scrubbing, scrubbing in a targeted manner, and then rinse it several times with water.


6. See if you have removed the sunscreen from your clothes. If you have removed it, let it air dry.


7. If it is not removed, there is another way to clean it with facial cleanser.


8. Facial cleanser is specially designed for skin care products and cosmetics. It can be cleaned with facial cleanser.

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