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What Are Hair Masks?

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hair mask
Hair mask is like a night cream for women, it is a deep maintenance process. The hair mask contains nutrients and moisture, which enter the hair through the cuticles on the hair to help repair the fibrous tissue, especially for dry and damaged hair. Although the effect of the hair mask is relatively slow, it needs to be used for two or three months, but its effect is more stable and can fundamentally change the hair quality. Dry, yellow, split ends, these annoying problems are no longer a problem.
What we usually call " baked oil " actually includes two meanings: one is "baked oil" for dyeing hair, and the other is some "baked oil" for moisturizing hair. In fact, in the high-end hair care product market, we are more It is often called "hair mask".
Baked oil
It is a physical effect. Dry hair and lack of luster are caused by holes in the hair. Baked oil fills these holes with artificial pigments, and the hair looks full. However, these artificial pigments will gradually lose with shampooing, sun exposure, etc. Back to the old way. For example, baking oil is like make-up, it looks beautiful but does not really solve the problem, and hair mask is like skin care products, changing the texture of the hair, nourishing the hair from the root.
Just like the skin, the hair and scalp need to be nourished after cleansing, just like giving the skin sufficient nourishment to give it a radiant foundation.
The function of hair care is to make the hair fully absorb nutrients, and at the same time form a protective layer on the outside of the hair to protect it from damage and keep it soft, shiny and elastic. Just like choosing different skin care products for different types of skin, you can choose different hair care products according to the degree of hair damage: dry and sensitive hair should use moisturizing hair care products containing high protein, such as protein hair care Dew, can be used daily. For extremely tangled, dry hair, use a hair mask to deeply nourish and soothe damaged, hard-to-manage hair, leaving it healthy, soft and shiny. However, the use of the hair mask should not be too frequent, it is more appropriate to use it once a week, otherwise it may be over-nutrition and the scalp will be sticky.
Also, not everyone is suitable for using hair masks. If you have very little hair and always stick to the scalp, after using the hair mask, the hair will stick to the scalp even more. Because the molecules of the hair mask are relatively heavy, it is a relatively heavy product. Therefore, in this case, the most suitable choice is a mousse or conditioner that is mainly used for hair care. This kind of mousse does not refer to the styling products we usually know. There are also "mousse" in hair care products. The texture is very light, and it can float in the air when thrown in the air, which will make your hair look more fluffy after use. .
Beautiful hair needs maintenance. Hair mask can not only make your hair style more shiny and supple, but also deeply nourish and change the hair quality.

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