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What Do Hair Masks Do?

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Hair mask is a kind of "baked ointment" that moisturizes hair, similar to applying night cream at night, it is a deep maintenance product. When using the hair mask, the nutrients and moisture contained in the hair mask will enter the hair through the cuticles on the hair. Just like skin care needs to use cosmetics, the hair and scalp also need to rely on hair mask and conditioner to supplement nutrition after cleaning. Conditioning, nourishes the hair and makes the hair more lustrous. To use the hair mask at home, you just need to squeeze out the excess water from the hair, then take an appropriate amount of the hair mask in the palm of your hand, and apply it on the hair gently and evenly with both hands. It should be noted that the hair mask cannot be applied directly to the roots of the hair. If the ends of the hair are split or dry, you can apply a thicker layer. After the hair mask is applied, it needs to be left for about 10 minutes, so that the repairing ingredients in the hair mask can better penetrate into the hair strands. In this step, you can use a towel or shower cap to hold the hair, because the hair is wrapped to maintain a certain temperature, which can better promote the penetration of repairing ingredients. After using the hair mask, it is recommended to rinse from the ends of the hair with warm water, rinse the ends of the hair, and then rinse from the middle of the hair to the top of the head until the hair is not sticky.

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