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When Can Babies Wear Sunscreen?

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When Can Babies Wear Sunscreen

Long-term exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays will not only lead to melanin deposition, but also may induce a variety of skin diseases, so everyone can choose to apply sunscreen to strengthen the skin's sun protection. For younger children, due to their sensitive skin, they should also do a good job of sun protection on the skin, but they must master the correct sun protection methods, and do not apply sunscreen at will. So can children wear sunscreen? At what age can children use sunscreen?


Generally speaking, children can use sunscreen, but it is not recommended for children under the age of two to use sunscreen frequently, especially children under six months. Their skin is relatively delicate, and sunscreen contains a lot of chemical substances. Improper use may cause irritation to the skin, resulting in allergic reactions. For safety reasons, it is recommended that children apply sunscreen after the age of two, and the frequency of applying sunscreen should not be too high. In non-essential circumstances, physical sun protection can be used, such as wearing sun protection clothing, wearing a sun hat, using a sun umbrella, etc.

Precautions for children to use sunscreen

First, pay attention to skin moisturizing. There are all kinds of sunscreens on the market. For the health of children, parents must choose a safe and effective sunscreen product. And when choosing a sunscreen, you should also pay attention to the moisturizing effect of the product, so that it can also play a certain moisturizing effect on the skin while sunscreen.

Second, do an allergy test. Before applying sunscreen to your child, apply a small amount of the product to the inside of your child's arm. If there are no obvious symptoms of discomfort after 48 hours, it can be applied to other parts of the body.

Skin sun protection is one of the key points to ensure skin health. Both adults and children should do a good job of sun protection on the skin. For younger children, physical sunscreen can be used to reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin. Children over two years old can apply a small amount of sunscreen, but be sure to wash the skin before going to bed at night to prevent product residues. Skin irritation.

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