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When Can I Put Sunscreen on My Tattoo?

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The recovery of a tattoo can be affected by many factors, such as the individual's metabolic rate, seasons, etc. Except for unexpected situations during the recovery period, such as redness, inflammation, etc., the tattoo will fully recover in about 28 days, because 28 days is the skin. A metabolic cycle.
Most people begin to scab and peel within 3 to 5 days of getting a tattoo, and the scab will fall off after about 2 weeks. The recovery period is shorter in summer and slightly longer in summer.
winter. On the surface, it seems that it has almost recovered in about 2 weeks, but the internal tissue of the skin may not be fully recovered, so try to apply body lotion and sunscreen after a month.
Note that it is recommended to apply body lotion and sunscreen after the tattoo has fully recovered, because everyone's skin is different and body lotions vary greatly. To avoid unnecessary trouble, it is recommended to start applying body lotion after a month of tattoo recovery. and sun protection.
At the same time, during the recovery period, the tattoo site should be protected from direct sunlight as much as possible, because the tattoo is also a kind of trauma, the wound is very fragile, and the newly grown skin after recovery is also very fragile. Please protect your tattoo the same way you protect your skin. There is another very important reason! ! ! That is - ultraviolet rays will accelerate the decomposition of pigments! ! ! If possible, apply sunscreen while the tattoo heals!
Tip: A lot of people don't know! Hee hee, if applying body lotion on the tattoo is ok, you can also apply the mask after applying the face to the tattoo. Be careful with your tattoos, they will stay fresh longer~

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