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When Can You Put Sunscreen on a Baby?

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When Can You Put Sunscreen on a Baby

As the newborn baby grows up day by day, we also have to take the baby out and let the baby slowly adapt to the new world. But when you go out, you must do a good job of sunscreen care for your baby, because the baby's skin is not fully developed, and it is particularly prone to sunburn. So how do you protect against the sun, and at what age can your baby start using sunscreen?

It should be noted that babies under half a year old are too young and their skin is relatively tender. Using sunscreen may damage the baby's skin. The best way for babies under 6 months to avoid sun damage is to keep the baby in the shade of a tree. , umbrella, stroller, and put him in long-sleeved clothes and a hat. When the light is the strongest, especially from 10 am to 2 pm, it is not suitable to take children out. Babies over 6 months can apply sunscreen, but they should choose sunscreen products designed for children. Apply to all exposed parts of the body (except eyes ), and commonly used sunscreens mainly include chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays, while physical sunscreens reflect UV rays. Physical sunscreens containing zinc oxide are safer for small babies. Sunscreen is not the higher the SPF the better. The higher the index, the more physical or chemical components it contains, which can harm your baby's skin while reflecting UV rays. And be sure to apply it half an hour before the baby goes out to allow the skin to fully absorb. Also note that even if you have sunscreen, it is best to take your baby out before 10 am and after 2 pm. After going out, be careful not to carry out too intense activities, and add water in time to prevent children from dehydration . Carefully remove the sunscreen after the sunscreen has taken effect, and wash it thoroughly with baby shower gel and water as soon as you return to the room from the outdoors.

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